Toronto Guzheng Ensemble

Toronto Guzheng Ensemble

Toronto Guzheng Ensemble was founded in 2018 by Lina Cao and served as the music director. 

Toronto Guzheng Ensemble is composed of students aged 10 to 35. It has won first place multiple times at the Toronto Kiwanis Festival and the Canadian International Music Competition.

Toronto Guzheng Ensemble has been invited to perform at the University of Toronto of New Year Concert in Isabel Bader Theatre, Mississauga International Music Festival, Wilfred Lauier University of Lina Cao's Noon concert, Carnegie Hall, and the Toronto Chinese Cultural Center, etc. Many highly professional guzheng ensemble pieces successfully premiered by the Toronto Guzheng Ensemble and received widespread praise in Canada.

Toronto Guzheng Ensemble is committed to cultivating excellent students with exquisite skills under the guidance of Lina, receiving more honors, and premiering more excellent chamber music works in North America with Lina Cao.

Carolina (Tianmu) Ji

I am an autism behaviour therapist and a graduate of the Developmental Psychology program at the University of Toronto. I am also a music enthusiast who has been learning the Guzheng since my childhood. The melodies from its strings, resonating on a wooden platform, have gradually become an indispensable part of my life.

However, when I truly began my career in the field of autism, I rediscovered the significance of music. It can also serve as a powerful therapeutic tool. Through music, I can build a bridge to their inner worlds, enabling them to communicate and establish emotional connections.

I hope that in the days to come, I can continue to immerse myself in my passion, turning music into a soothing rain to help and nurture the souls left stranded on another planet.

Vivian Wu

Hey, I'm Vivian Wu, and I'm 8 years old. I've been playing the Guzheng for almost a year, and you know what? I love it because it makes the coolest sounds!

Guess what else? I've been in two super fun competitions! One was the Toronto Kiwanis Festival, where I got second place in the Beginner group. The other one was the CIMC-MOMA, where I won this awesome thing called the Outstanding Performance Award.

And let me tell you about my Guzheng teacher, Lina Cao. She's not just a teacher; she's super nice and always makes learning so much fun!

Jessie Huang

I was born in Canada but raised in China and started my Guzheng learning at the age of 7. I passed my Grade 10 amateur examination. I was taught by Lina Cao in 2022, and now I am a teenage Guzheng player. I learned a lot during my time playing Guzheng such as the confidence to perform for everyone, improve musical accomplishments, and contribute to the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture and cultural exchanges between China culture and the world. The awards that I obtained include performed for the invitation from Canadian Arab Symphony Orchestra to participate in the Mississauga International Music Festival; first place in Toronto Guzheng Ensemble in The Kiwanis Music Festival of Great Toronto 2023, second place in the soloist in The Kiwanis Music Festival of Great Toronto 2023; first place in Toronto Guzheng Ensemble in 2023 Canadian International Music Competition.

Catherine Wang

My name is Catherine Wang. I am 12 years old, and I have been playing the guzheng for more than a year.

When I first started guzheng I never had the confidence to perform in front of a crowd but after one performance after the other, I began to gain confidence. Now I enjoy being in the spotlight.

I have enjoyed every lesson with Lina Cao, she transforms every one of my lessons into an amazing experience, causing me to love learning new and more challenging pieces. This makes me engaged and I feel so enlightened when I play a piece.

Lina has also helped me improve my sight reading and rhythm, now I can read music with ease thanks to her.

Camille Chen

My name is Camille, and I began my journey of Guzheng at the age of seven. My passionate love for Chinese culture and its appealing instrument, the Guzheng, has never changed. Regardless of the piece or the strings I pluck, its beauty resonates with me deeply. Music, a universal language, holds a special place in our lives, offering relaxation, emotional comfort, and the ability to express feelings. Beyond my musical passion, I also pursue a career in modeling, where music continues to be a constant, inspiring force. Join me on this wonderful journey.

Sophia Chan

My name is Sophia Chan. I am 11 years old. I learn Guzheng with my favour Guzheng teacher Lina Cao. Lina is an amazing teacher. She is knowledgeable, confident, pleasant, enthusiastic, encouraging and patient. My award is including the first place in Toronto Guzheng Ensemble in The Kiwanis Music Festival of Great Toronto 2023, second place in Toronto Guzheng Ensemble in 2023 Canadian International Music Competition. I have performed in Carnegie Hall in 2023 with Lina and Toronto Guzheng Ensemble.

Why do I like it? Because it is one of the most popular Chinese instruments known to people. I started to play it when I was 5. I was inspired by my mother, because she loves this instrument. 

It is the only instrument (besides the harp) that sounds like a beautiful waterfall when you play it. The guzheng brings me happiness and joy, because the sound is very beautiful.

Why is this instrument important to me?

I think the guzheng is a lovely instrument, because it helps me calm down. I can sometimes be really frustrated. When I played the Guzheng, the first thing I thought of was a waterfall. It sounded like a beautiful melody and water falling down the waterfall. I think that no matter which instrument you play it can help in any way. Just like me, it helped me express my feelings and helped me to calm down.